Trauma Coaching

Or other mental issues related symptoms:

We start with a 6 Dimensions Assessments and formulate a program specific for you. Expect to cover all possibilities around topics of Detoxification, Alimentation Concerns/Culinary Options, Nutritional Supplementation Options, Medication Psychoeducation, Bodyworks/Breathworks, Spirituality, and Exercise, Fitness, Trauma/Mental Health Informed Yoga. 

Learn to identify triggers before they run away with you, your job, your family, your relationship, your joy in life. Learn accessible options for self soothing while orienting your body towards achieving a sense of calm and clarity in your mind. Go as fast as you want or as slow as you need. The program is specific to your needs but fluid and flexible.

(Read Disclaimer Below)

*Issues associated with severe mental health diagnosis, including but not limited to substance abuse and addiction, self harm, harm to others and eating disorders, are typically not a good fit and may be a contraindication for life coaching. During the discovery session this will be explored. If a contraindication for life coaching services is identified we would recommend that mental health services are provided first.  We will be glad to arrange for mental health therapy to prepare you for a successful life coaching experience. Based on your decision mental health services can be provided by Sandy Herek, Licensed Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy working for A Virtual Peace of Mind, LLC. and registered under direct supervision of Marvin Skinner, LPC.  Or if you prefer a referral for mental health services can be forwarded to a practitioner of your choice. Ignite Best Practices, LLC. assumes no liability for any concerns associated with mental health services, whether provided by Sandy Herek through A Virtual Peace of Mind, LLC. or any other mental health practitioner selected. 

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